FONEX Screen Protector for iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus, Transparent MOS1038GU

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  • Brand: Fonex
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The screen protection in tempered glass, obtained from a long and complex industrial glass processing, is able to provide a high degree of protection to the display of the smartphone. In addition to protecting it from scratches, it also increases resistance to impacts without affecting the interaction with the screen. 3D touch sensitivity, does not interfere with the new functions related to finger pressure on the display. Minimum thickness 0.2 mm so as to maintain the appearance of the phone. Maximum adhesion, does not create air pockets between glass and screen. It maintains the same tactile sensation compared to the direct use of the phone screen. Maximum transparency, it does not change the brightness or the color rendering. Contains screen cleaning kit.

Contents of the package

Tempered glass, Screen cleaning kit